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Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the sneak peek your guests will have of your wedding style! So their importance cannot be overstated. Not only do they add a touch of realness to your wedding. Still, they also help ensure your guests don’t miss their way to the venue and therefore arrive on time.

When it involves choosing the right invitations for your wedding, it’s more than just colors and designs. You need to know the proper etiquettes, wordings, the other necessary things to include to relay your chosen style. Below are some of the tips on choosing your wedding invitations!

Use Your Wedding Theme

You may have set a theme for your wedding, for instance, whimsical, romantic, vintage, rustic, etc. So, try incorporating your wedding theme into your invitation cards’ design.

Start by browsing about invitation designs that may suit your wedding theme. Your wedding stationery will most likely have samples of designs that will intrigue you.

Add Your Wedding Color

Most couples have the colors they want to appear on their big day. They often incorporate them into their wedding decors.

You can also add these colors to your invitation cards’ designs. But be sure to involve your partner in this decision.

Let Your Venue Inspire You

Adding the elements of your wedding venue to your invitation cards’ design is one way to hint to your guests what they should expect!

For instance, floral arrangements on a rustic wedding invitation can perfectly relay a countryside wedding.

Include the Season

Seasons are a great form of inspiration for wedding invitation card designs. Again, floral arrangements for invitation cards can speak well for a spring and summer wedding.

For wedding invitations and stationeries that will amaze and impress your guests, Ashley Elizabeth Designs is all you need!

I offer creative and fabulous designs for wedding invitations and thank you cards. If your wedding is taking place in New England or anywhere around it, I’ll happily offer personalized and stunning stationery for your big day!

Every design I make is unique and lovely. Working with couples is always such a wonderful thing. They love my designs, and I want you to experience what they did. Contact me today!

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