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4 Essential Tips to Note When Writing a Thank You Card After Your Wedding

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

After the wedding is over, vows are exchanged, pictures are taken, and gifts and favors are shared, what comes next?

What happens when the vendors are settled, and your wedding guests have all gone home after celebrating your special day with you

There’s just one last thing to do...

You’ve got to thank your wedding guests for being a part of your big day, and for any gifts they may have brought!

How do you show your appreciation and heartfelt gratitude? It’s pretty easy. All you need to do is write and send them a beautifully designed thank you card. If you are ready to write your thank you cards, here are some essential tips to note!

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Best Time to Send Thank You Cards

Obviously, the best time to write your thank you is after your wedding celebration. The question becomes, how long after your wedding? One week? Three months? Well, that depends on several factors. But the sooner you send them, the better.

Generally, you are expected to send your thank you cards within three months after your wedding. The ideal time to send these cards is one-three months after post wedding celebration.

This way, you get it done on time, and your guests will receive them long before they expect them to arrive.

First Send an Email Within One Week

While preparing a proper thank you note to send to your guests; you can send them an email, a quick text, or even a Facebook message to acknowledge them and let them know you received their gift. You can also let them know how grateful you are for them taking the time to help make your day a success.

These messages will help let your guests know that they have not been forgotten, and a thank you card is on the way. Depending on how many guests were in attendance, drafting thank you cards for each guest may take some time.

What to Include in Your Thank You Card

Ideally, your thank you card could have A photo of you and your spouse. If your wedding photos are ready, you can create a beautiful custom card. If not, no worries, your engagement photos will work just as well.

If you don’t want any pictures included, it’s still okay. Just create a thank you card that carries out the theme of your wedding invitation suite.

This is super classy, and your guests will love them!

Who will get a thank you card?

Everyone who gave a gift (monetary or otherwise) and every other person who played a significant role in ensuring your wedding’s success should be acknowledged.

Thank you cards show that you appreciate the time, effort, money, and resources your friends and family spent in celebrating your special day. Don’t forget your bridal party members!

It's also a classy touch to send Thank you notes to your vendors, wedding planner/coordinator and venue!

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I would be honored to help you create the perfect wedding day details from save the dates to thank you cards.

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