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9 Important Details That Must be Included in Your Wedding Invitations

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

There’s more to a wedding invitation than just the date, time, and venue. It gives your guests the chance to know a bit about you and your partner. It also gets your guests to RSVP and can direct them to your wedding website.

A common question my wedding clients always ask is, ‘What information do we include with our wedding invitations?’

The simple answer is all of the necessary information and essential details leadinf up to your big day.

Keep reading, and we’ll break down whatto include in your wedding invitations!

Basic Information

Names of the Wedding Hosts

These are the people paying for the wedding or footing the majority of the bill. They could be the parents, family, or even you, the couple. The hosts are the ones to request the guests’ presence to join in the celebration of love.

Names of the Couple

It’s you and your partner’s big day, so your names must be included in the wedding invitations. The names can be arranged as you couples see fit. It could be just their first names, first and last names, or the couples’ full names.

Date and Time of the Wedding

The date and time are also vital as your wedding guests must know where and when to celebrate with you and your partner. When the date and time are appropriately communicated, it will go a long way to avoid latecomers at your wedding.

Venue for the Ceremony & Reception

You must also include where the event will take place. If your ceremony and reception occur in different venues, both location venues must be included in the invitation. If both events will take place at the same location, make sure it is clearly stated on the invitation.

Dress Code Details

If there is a dress code for the wedding, you should include it on your wedding invitations to make sure guest are informed on time. This information can also be included on the wedding website.

Other Information


The RSVP card is where the guests confirm or reject the invitation. The card helps you to confirm the total number of guests planning to attend the wedding. It also allows you to get the meal selections in advance for your venue if you plan to have a plated meal. It’s beneficial to gather any food allergies on this card so your venue can plan ahead.

Details Card

If there is anything your guests need to know about the days leading up to and after the wedding, this is the right place to insert it. You can add accommodation Information, room block codes, welcome dinner and post wedding brunch information.

The Wedding Website

If you have a wedding website, you must include the web address on your details card. This will serve as a central hub for your guests. They will log on to the website and stay updated with the latest developments.

Envelope Information

The information contained on the envelope should include the specific guests’ names, their home addresses with no abbreviations, return address so they will be returned to you if not received, and extra postage If needed. Bring a sample to the post office and they can help calculate the postage based on the weight.

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