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Why should I spend money on something that's just going to get thrown away?

Are you wondering why the hell you would ever invest in custom wedding invitations for your wedding if people are just going to throw them out?

Let's dig a little deeper on that thought!

Before you decide if you want to create custom wedding invitations for your special day, ask yourself this question...

If you received two wedding invitations for your two very best friends and the weddings were on the same day:

One came in a beautifully addresses digital calligraphy envelope with a custom designed personalized invitation

And the other...

was handwritten (messily) and looked like it was printed on low grade printer paper with incorrect information

Which event would you choose to attend?

If you are going to use the argument, that your guests are just going throw out the invites, let's put this in perspective for a moment.

Your save the date is going up on your guest's fridge until your wedding which could mean it's on display for up to 6-8 months! If you opt to create a magnet - it may stay up ... Forever! (Who doesn't love an extra magnet to hold up the junk we keep on our fridge haha <3)

Let's talk about your wedding flowers for a second, for instance. You will spend thousands of dollars of your wedding budget on beautiful arrangements for your ceremony (15min-1hr) and reception (typically 5 hours) and then guess what -- the flowers will die or be thrown out shortly thereafter.

Sorry to rain on your parade. Now, I am NOTTTT saying that flowers aren't an important part of your day, I am just trying to put things into perspective for you. I personally LOVEEE flowers and think that it's truly an art.

But let me ask you this ...

Can you put a price on the impact of a FIRST and lasting impression of your wedding!?

After all, You only get one shot at that first impression! VOW TO WOW YOUR GUESTS!

Get the best bang for your wedding budget and consider customized wedding invitations for your big day. :)


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