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Laura and Jonny's Love Story

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

I feel like the luckiest woman alive

I get to work the BEST couple's around!

I remember meeting Laura at the Church Landing Tasting and she excitedly came up to the table looking at the most glittery and blingy invitations I had.

She settled on one and it was a pleasure getting to know her during the process.

One of my favorite parts of working with couples is learning more about their love stories!

Check out their story below <3

What was your wedding date? Aug 2021 21

How long have you and your partner been together 4 years

Tell me about when you met your partner: We met at the Gazebo Bar in Nantucket at the infamous Figawi weekend!

As soon as we met, which for me it was an hour after i arrived on the island from the ferry, Jonny had gotten there the day before with some friends, and we've been together ever since!

I was even supposed to leave nantucket to go back to Boston Sunday of that weekend but i got my friends to extend until Monday so I could spend another day with Jonny!

We had planned to get together Thursday of that week we got home for a date, but we ended up doing Tuesday because we were so excited to see each other again. It was funny when i first saw Jonny at the gazebo he was in line and i was inside the bar, my friend Courtney and I both saw him and were saying how he was the most handsome man we had ever seen - then 20 minutes later someone had introduced us right in the middle of the Gazebo - she looked at me like omg you got him!

What is your favorite thing about your partner? His loyalty and commitment to the people he loves. Jonny would do anything for the people he loves and never betray them.

How did you know your partner was the one? Its definitely a different feeling you get when you're dating the person your going to marry, at least thats how it was for me - it was the most exciting time of my life getting to know and starting to date Jonny - every day every date every text was just so exciting. like your first boy friend but better!

How did you or your partner propose? Jonny proposed on News Years Day 2021 which was a Sunday morning, one a walk through Castle in the Clouds!

What was the best part of your wedding day? Seeing Jonny at the alter as I walked down the isle and walking down the isle together after! It felt surreal!

Did you do a first look? Yes What is the best part of being married? Having a partner that you get to do and experience everything in life with, especially raising our son Deacon and the excitment of growing our family, its just the best.

What advice to do you have for other brides now that you are on the other side of it all? Don't get so hung up on making sure your wedding day is utterly perfect, of course the details are important - make sure its beautiful and how you want it... but the best part of your wedding day is that you're getting married! the good stuff comes afterwards

If you could change anything about your wedding day what would it be? honestly nothing!

How much did you spend on your wedding (all in). There are lot of resources on line, but to help other brides, would you mind sharing how much you spent to maybe your dream wedding a reality? About 15k

Guys, seriously how inredible are Laura and Jonny, I just love, love. The way they look at each other is electrifying. Always a sucker for a good love story <3

photography: Provencher Photography

HMUA: makeupbykelsa venue: Church Landing

invitations: Ashley Elizabeth Designs


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