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My Wedding is a week out, what am I forgetting?

We’ve all seen the big picture wedding checklists with everything other the sun you are supposed to remember for your big day, but what about all of those pesky little things we seem to forget about?

Here is a list of the most commonly forgotten items when you are just weeks out from your big day!

☐ Marriage License

☐ THE RINGS! ☐ Vendor Meals

☐ Final Guest Counts to Venue - notifying them of any food allergies or special meals ☐ Cake cutting knife

☐ Someone to transport cards + gifts to hotel or other location ☐ A set up/clean up crew to help you get things done the day of

☐ Vendor tips (prepare in advance) ☐ Final deposits

☐ Final follow up with vendors

☐ Wedding favors ☐ Guestbook and pens

☐ Place cards ☐ Day of Decor or Signage ☐ Programs

☐ Bring an invitation set for your photographer to shoot at the venue

☐ A button down shirt or robe to get ready in so you don't mess up your hair

☐ Emergency Kit for the Bride (include needle, thread, stain stick, lip gloss, tissues, gum etc.)

☐ Bathroom baskets for your guest to freshen up (include tissues, hair spray, gum, etc) ☐ Bring tape or string to hang up your decorations

☐ A lighter or battery if you have candles or LED's

☐ Bug Spray if your wedding is outdoors / Sun screen

Recent bride to be with something I may have forgotten???

Feel free to send me a message, I would love to keep adding to this list ;)

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