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#WillYouMauiMe Contest!

ALOHA!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day or Single Awareness Day which ever you are celebrating this year! ;)

You know, even when I was single, I never hated on the happy couples, but I do believe you should show your love and appreciation MORE than one day a year!

That being said, did you know Valentine's Day is a close second to Christmas for highest rate of engagements?! Not suprising! Congratulations to anyone who got some bling bling today :)

As an invitation designer, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE creating invitations for my clients, BUT someday soon I hope to create some invitations for myself!

As luck would have it, I got an email about a photo contest where you could win a destination wedding in Hawaii! So needless to say Erik and I HAD to enter! We've always talked about doing a destination wedding and we have been talking about vacationing in Hawaii, how convenient!

This opportunity would be a dream come true.

So, would you pretty please with a cherry on top, visit the links below and help Erik and I win a destination wedding to MAUI?

The contest was put on by WedTech. They were looking for a creative photo and a compelling story, but I figured some support from all of my lovely family, friends and ae fans wouldn't hurt! Please like our photos below!

Photo entry on Facebook (visit the link below and scroll down to visitor posts on the left hand side of the page or try searching #WillYouMauiMe):

Photo entry on instagram :

If the above doesn't work try


Here are some of the photos from our mid morning photo shoot ;)

Props to Erik for being a great sport wearing a coconut bra - fresh off a midnight shift in -11 weather!

Even the boys participated :)

Mahalo in advance for all of your support ;)

That's thank you -- brushing up on our Hawaiian just in case ;)!

The contest ends Feb 18th and the winners our notified by the 21st!

We will keep you all posted!


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