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Custom wedding invitations are a MUST for your big day!

As the bride, of course you want every minute detail of your big day to be fabulous: you want a beautiful venue, the most awe-inspiring décor and the most popular band or DJ. You want your wedding to be absolutely flawless.

Your wedding invitations are obviously a very important part of your wedding – and even more so if you take into consideration the fact that they are the first “glimpse” your guests will get of your big day.

Why are custom wedding invitations a must, though?

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

  • They are customized to your event. Regardless of whether you want to throw the party of the century or a simple, intimate destination wedding, custom invitations will be personalized to truly suit your event from all points of view: style, formality, wording, etc. Whereas, if you buy invitations that are already created, you are simply just filling in answers: location, date, time, etc rather than making a personal statement that reflects you and your to-be.

  • They are very personal. Custom wedding invitations do not simply “borrow” from an event’s design and overall vibe. They are tailored to you and your loved one. They are designed to reflect what your relationship and love story are all about. From the photos, colors, designs and calligraphy, to the actual wording you choose, everything is personally dedicated to you as a couple and the theme of your wedding.

  • It's all in the details. If you want your big day to be stunning from every aspect, pay attention to the details. When hiring a custom invitation designer, you can expect 100% attention offered to every single inch of your invitation suite. Here at Ashley Elizabeth Designs, I won't stop until you are entirely satisfied with your stationery, I even have a 100% love it or leave it guarantee (read more here) which is why a custom invitation is so worth it! You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with me, a professional designer who actually cares about your vision!

  • Clarified etiquette questions. Custom wedding invitation designers are true specialists in their niche – so they will know all there is about etiquette, wording and other issues that can be truly confusing for someone who hasn’t dealt with them before. Invitations seem so simple, but really they include a lot of highly important information that should be relayed properly and be easy to digest.. The most important aspect is to be sure all of the important information is relayed on your invitations!

Are you still searching for a wedding invitation designer to help you create the most beautiful invitations your guests have ever seen?

Contact Ashley Elizabeth Designs today, I am NOW BOOKING for 2017/18 and I will guide you every step of the way.


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Let's face it, wedding planning is STRESSFUL! Let me help simplify a piece of the puzzle and as we bring your vision to life a we will make your day special in the most gorgeous of ways!

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