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How to create your wedding menus?

Every detail matters! When it comes to creating stunning weddings, every single element can make a huge difference for the overall look. From your flowers to your food, and from the amazing bouquet you will be carrying to the great hairstyle you have chosen, everything can have a huge impact on the overall ambiance – and your day-of stationery makes no exception.

How to create wedding menus? What’s more, why are they still needed? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • A wedding menu is a great place to start using the monogram you have chosen as a married couple. Talk to your designer about incorporating it into the wedding menu design, so that it looks beautiful and well-balanced.

  • Your wedding menu can also double as place cards too. Again, you can talk to your stationery designer and see if he/she can add the names of the guests at the top of each wedding menu (with a different list of guests for every table). This can save you a lot of space on the wedding table and it will also look really great.

  • When creating the menu, there are a lot of pieces of information you can include within them. For example, you can describe each of the dishes in detail, so that guests get excited about the dinner. Furthermore, you can also mention any kind of potentially-harmful ingredients (such as foods that are usually allergenic or that may harm gluten-free and lactose-free guests).

Ashley Elizabeth Designs can help you create wedding day stationery everyone will love! We will help you coordinate your invitations, your day-of stationery and your post-wedding Thank You cards in a way that’s stylish, elegant and gorgeously harmonious too – so contact us, find out more about our services and hire us for your Big Day!


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