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19 things to do while your in quarantine

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

For anyone who has had to reschedule their wedding, from the bottom of our hearts we are so sorry you are going through this. But, let's look at the positives, even though you may be getting married on a different date, with different vendors, you will STILL be marrying your best friend. Planning a wedding is literally a full time job so, if you are out of work and looking for something to do with all of your quarantine time, knock some wedding to-dos off your checklist!


Let’s be honest, we’ve ALL got a lot on on our minds. Spend at least 30 minutes a day moving your body, or even doing a meditation. It’s a great way to ease the anxiety of all of the unknowns, plus it’s great for your mind, body and soul and stay in shape so you still look fab in your wedding dress! 

BONUS if you can get your spouse to workout with you!

Get your creative juices flowing Create a Pinterest board for inspiration that will help plan and organize your wedding

Research vendors

Still looking for people to help make your wedding vision come to life? Now is the perfect time to surf the web, check out the Knot or Wedding Wire and decide who you would like to schedule consults with after our stay at home orders are lifted.

Plan your photos

Write out a photo shot list of all the couple photos, bridal party photos and family photos you would like, plus include any areas at the venue you would like to utilize 


Pick out songs for your processional, recessional, introductions, cake cutting, first dance, parent dances and don’t forget to create a do not play list for your DJ as well 

DIY Photo Booth / Selfie Station

Print out fun wedding inspired props and tape or glue them to sticks, order a back drop, grab one of those cute little Polaroid cameras and voila, you have yourself a fun little DIY photo booth 

Plan! Work on a tentative seating chart. You may not have all of your RSVPs back yet, but you can use a big piece of poster board, or tape printer paper together, draw out all of your tables and put everyone’s name on a sticky note. It makes it very easy to edit, if you receive a RSVP “NO” you can simply remove those people from the chart

Get your write on Write addresses on envelopes for your save the dates, invitations & thank you notes. Do a few each day, so you won’t feel overwhelmed and your hand won’t cramp up!

Create your centerpieces  Spend some time creating the centerpieces for your wedding, paint mason jars, cut, sand and shellac slabs of wood, make paper flowers, drink a lot of beer/wine so you can use growlers and bottles as vases for your flowers and use then use the corks to hold place cards. Get creative! Craft!  Order a Cricut or a Cameo and make some fun signs to decorate your venue for your big day. It’s all in the details.   T-shirt Time Make some fun t-shirts for your bridal party for your bachelorette party or your shower

Favors Make an edible favor for your wedding guests, like jam, honey, chocolates or something else that’s homemade like candles, soaps etc.


Now is the perfect time to start brainstorming ideas to write your perfect vows. Maybe you can end them with, “there is no one I’d rather be quarantined with ;0) "


Look into setting up shuttles to and from your  accommodation site to your ceremony to your venue and back. 


Book a hotel room block. It’s free and easy. Just make sure when you contact the hotel, that you are not responsible for paying for rooms that are not booked in your block. Typically they will re-release them when the date is closer, but just make sure you read through your contract or ask who ever is helping you book your rooms

Plan your honeymoon Listen, we won’t be in quarantine forever, so why not start dreaming of an amazing location for your honeymoon. Start narrowing down possible contenders for the trip of a lifetime.

Create a wedding website 

I strongly recommend creating a FREE wedding website. It’s a great place to keep updates about your big day, especially if you need to switch, dates, times, locations or anything like that. Your guests can RSVP (or Re-RSVP) if you want to save some money by not having to reprint all of your stationery again and you can even include your registry info as well

Connect Stay in touch with your gals during this time of isolation, grab a glass of wine and FT, Zoom, or DUO your bride tribe 

Enjoy the downtime Spend some QT with your spouse to be. The current pause that the world is in won’t last forever. Spend some extra time snuggling or bingeing Netflix together before life goes back to lightening speed

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