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Keep track of every dime you spend with this fantastic Wedding Budget Organizer.

Did you know the average wedding in 2017 cost over $35,000!!! I have filled in estimated costs for each vendor in New England and this is close to $50,000 but remember, you may prioritize some vendors over others or choose not to go on a honeymoon right away etc. This spreadsheet should help you get a big picture of the funds you will need throughout planning your big day!

Also note that parents sometimes will make contributions for aspects of your wedding like the engagement party, or rehearsal dinner etc so don't get too overwhelmed by the numbers at first glance!!

Category - easily change names of categories that apply to your Wedding
Estimated cost for each item so you can plan your engagement length
Actual Costs you will be paying based on your contracts
Automatic Tally of Over/Under
Deposit Made
Balance Due after deposit
Payment Due Dates


Please note that you will need Excel to use this file!

Due to the nature of these products, refunds will not be given!

Wedding Budget Planner

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