What are Envelope Liners and Do You Need Them for Your Wedding Invitations?

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Gone are the days of plain and boring wedding invitations. Thanks to envelope liners, couples now have the chance to explore and showcase their creativity and personalities through their wedding invitations, making the invitations even more personalized, beautiful and unique.

An envelope liner is an additional card piece that is usually inserted into the envelope. These liners have a unique way of adding beauty and class to your wedding invitation card. Would we recommend you utilize envelope liners for your wedding invitation? Absolutely!

Below are a few reasons why you should considering use envelope liners (besides the gorgeous flay lays)

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They Prevent Cards of Different Colors from rubbing off on each other

If you are using envelope liners for your wedding invitation cards, you won’t have to worry about your invitation cards getting messed up by rubbing off on each other.

Liners are great for couples making use of different colors cards for their wedding invitation. For example, if you plan to insert a white card into your colored envelope, an envelope liner is necessary.

They Serve as a Protective Layer for the Invitations

Using envelope liners is a fool-proof method of protecting your cards. Envelope liners are known to provide additional protection for your cards.

When you use liners for your wedding invitation cards, you can rest assured that the cards will reach each wedding guest’s house in perfect condition. If something happens to the envelope, perhaps it gets torn dirty, the liner can save the day.

Liners Add a Unique Touch of Luxury to The Wedding Invitation

If you want to wow your guests at your wedding, why not start even before the wedding? When you send your wedding invitation to your wedding guests, they will undoubtedly fall in love with the invitation card. By doing so, you are making a statement and telling your guests to expect class and style on your special day.

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